Experts from the Theology of the Body Institute, Integrity Restored and Ascension Press are collaborating to provide the TOB Congress with this additional one-day pre-Congress offering geared towards formation of ministry and Church leaders. Take advantage of this rarely-offered one-day opportunity for training and formation for Catholic leaders in the Southern California area!


9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Introduction to Theology of the Body

Presented by Bill Donaghy - Sponsored by Theology of the Body Institute

Why are we here? What does it mean to be human? What is this restlessness, this ache in the human heart that nothing in the world seems to satisfy? And why does it all appear to flow out of the mystery of our sexuality? Join international speaker and lay evangelist Bill Donaghy for a penetrating gaze into the wonder and vision of masculinity and femininity in St. John Paul II’s ground-breaking reflections on human love. This one day pre-Congress event will equip you with the overall structure, vision, and importance of the theology of the body as you enter into the varied applications of the TOB in the keynotes and breakouts that will follow. Topics covered include St. John Paul II's analogy of spousal love, original innocence and original sin, Celibacy for the Kingdom, the sacrament of marriage, the language of the body and more!


2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

ATTENDEES CAN choose THE FOLLOWING option IN spanisH (FREE session!)

"Una llamada al amor" - Una introducción a la Teología del Cuerpo - sesión gratuita!

Con Rebeca Barba - Patrocinado por el Instituto de Teología del Cuerpo
Para todo Católico en el mundo de hoy es importante conocer la catequesis sobre el Amor Humano dada por el Santo Juan Pablo II para esta hora. Esta catequesis llamada, la Teología del Cuerpo, es una respuesta a las consecuencias de la revolución sexual. En esta conferencia, Rebeca nos ayudará a encontrar los fundamentos sobre la verdad proclamada en la Encíclica de Humanae Vitae, los tres significados de nuestro cuerpo, los hilos conductores de esta catequesis, y el mensaje principal sobre la vocación al amor de todo ser humano.

[A Call to Love - For every Catholic in the world nowadays, it´s important to know the catechesis on Human Love given by Saint John Paul II for this hour. This catechesis called “The Theology of the Body” is a response to the consequences of the sexual revolution. In this conference, Rebeca will help us to find the foundations for the truth proclaimed by the Encyclical Humanae Vitae, the three meanings of our body, the thread that unites this catechesis, and the main message about how every human being has a vocation to love.]

Attendees can choose from the following four options in English:

Option 1: Marriage Preparation: Training with Effective “How-Tos”

With Tom McCabe– Sponsored by Ascension Press

This training is highly interactive! If you are helping engaged couples prepare for marriage, regardless of the program you are using, join us for this practical, interactive training on “best practices” in marriage preparation. Based on St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, this presentation will offer a rich understanding of the unique challenges of modern couples, insights on leading group discussions, and analysis of the questions engaged couples most commonly ask. Tom will share key talking points and the relational language needed to speak on the theology of marriage, sexuality, and virtue-based life skills.

Option 2: "yoU: Life, Love and Theology of the Body"

Updated Training with Colin MacIver – Sponsored by Ascension Press

It has become increasingly difficult for parents and educators to help teens discover the truth about their bodies, sexuality, and unique call to love.

In an age of “selfies,” YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body cuts through the noise with an authentic view of the human person. YOU introduces teens to the truth that life is not all about them; it is about going out of themselves to be a sincere gift for others.

By attending this Pre-Congress Session, Youth Ministers & other educators can help Teens learn to:

• Live in authentic freedom, love, and happiness.

• Navigate challenging topics, including gender, pornography, and same-sex “marriage.”

• Learn what healthy relationships look like and how to live a life of sacrifice and discipleship.


Presented by Bill Donaghy – Sponsored by Theology of the Body Institute

This mini-session on the "In the Person of Christ" program will give an overview of the main elements of our four part curriculum for priests: Priestly Identity, Priestly Prayer, and Priestly Mission, all grounded in the foundational session: Theology of the Body I: Head & Heart Immersion. Participants will learn of the "total vision of man” in St. John Paul II’s catechesis, our origin, history, and destiny, and vocation to life-giving love, as applied to their priesthood. We will cover additional topics such as: discernment, spiritual warfare, Marian theology, and contemplative prayer. They also explore theology of the body as lived in the full truth of their spiritual fatherhood, through the sacramental ministry, the language of the body in the liturgy, preaching, teaching, and parish life.


With Fr. Sean Kilcawley– Sponsored by Integrity Restored

Addressing the problem of pornography in parishes and schools can be overwhelming.  We want to transmit the beautiful teaching of the church, but at the same time our young people and parishioners live in a pornified culture. As a Church, we must truly be a “field hospital” in which those who are suffering find healing, and parents and pastors find supportive tools for preventing pornography addiction before it takes hold of our young people. In this workshop, Fr. Sean Kilcawley, theological advisor for Integrity Restored, will provide a vision and language for addressing the problem of pornography in way that is both bold and merciful and also provide practical tools and resources to address this problem with individuals or with a parish. This workshop is for any priests, catechists, lay leaders, or parents who are looking for tools to help address the problem of pornography in their parishes or diocese.