Don’t miss it!  Join us Thursday, September 22nd for deeply discounted practical training sessions before the official start of the 2016 Congress. A perfect fit for Theology of the Body beginners & Catholic leaders looking to zero in on specific ministry needs!

  • Learn the basics with "An Intro the Theology of the Body"
  • Choose from 4 follow-up sessions tailored to priests, youth ministry, marriage prep, and addiction counselors
  • Only $29 per session
  • Held on-site at the Ontario Convention Center


Session I - 9:00 am: 

An Introduction to Theology of the Body, with Bill Donaghy, Sponsored by the Theology of the Body Institute

Session II - 2:00 pm:

Spanish Language Option: (FREE SESSION!)

"Una llamada al amor" - Una introducción a la Teología del Cuerpo, with Rebeca Barba, Sponsored by the Theology of the Body Institute

English Option - Choose from four workshops:

  1. In the Person of Christ - an introduction for priests to the Theology of the Body, presented by Bill Donaghy
  2. YOU: Life, Love and Theology of the Body -   Learn how to use the revised "TOB for Teens" program from Ascension Press
  3. Marriage Preparation: Effective "How-Tos" for any Program - Interactive tips for Marriage Prep presenters
  4. Theology of the Body and Porn Addiction -  tools for any family, parish or diocese looking to combat the problem of Pornography, presented by Fr. Sean Kilcawley