Let’s spread the word!

As a speaker for the 2016 Theology of the Body Congress, you’re one of the best people to share why it’s important to attend!

Here are 3 easy ways you can help us spread the word:

  1. Send an email to your email list, inviting them to join you during the Congress. See below for ideas. You can also subscribe to the Congress mailing list and share that information with your followers and audience. (Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email.)
  2. Share on social media leading up to Congress, starting NOW. See the post ideas below. Also check out the #TOBtalk campaign and join in!
  3. Put a button or call to action on your website. There are a few available below.

Congress Resources and Links

Talking points for email lists

If you have an email list that you can engage with an invitation to join you at the Congress, here are some points you might consider including:

  • Why is TOB important to you?
  • How has TOB impacted you?
  • What benefit does attending Congress provide for your audience? (They get to see you, for one thing!)

Registration is live and can be found here.

Social media posts and ideas


  • I'm excited to attend and present at the TOB Congress this fall in California. I'll be sharing about [TOPIC]. Register and join me there! http://www.tobcongress.com
  • [Include a one or two-sentence summary of your talk.] To learn more, be sure to register for this year's TOB Congress. http://www.tobcongress.com
  • The biggest reason to head to California this September: TOB Congress http://www.tobcongress.com


  • You say "Theology of the Body", I say "See ya in September." #TOBCongress http://bit.ly/Register2016TOBCongress
  • Do you love Theology of the Body? Wonder what the big deal is? Perfect place to be: http://www.tobcongress.com
  • I've made big plans for September. Hope you can join me at #TOBCongress http://www.tobcongress.com


Take a picture of your copy of TOB next to a suitcase or bag

  • I'm looking forward to talking about TOB at #TOBCongress. Who's with me?
  • Can't wait to discuss Theology of the Body at this year's #TOBCongress. Will I see you there?

Make a graphic (for example, on Canva) inviting people to join you

  • I'll be talking about ______ at this year's #TOBCongress. Will I see you there?
  • Take a picture that makes you think of what your topic is (for example, of your wedding photo) and mention what it is that you love about TOB.
  • This makes me think about [INSERT THING YOU LOVE ABOUT TOB]. Want to learn more? Don't miss this year's #TOBCongress!

Graphics for your use

You'll find more on the #TOBtalk page too.

Other ideas

Make a short video:

Are you comfortable in front of your phone’s camera? Shoot a 30-second video answering why TOB is important to you and mentioning that you’d love to share more at Congress. Be sure to send it to us, too, so we can share it around!

Have a meet-and-greet at Congress:

Leverage the audience and arrange a time to meet with your audience during Congress. What topic related to Congress speaks to your specific set of followers and how can you engage with that?

Thank you!

We truly appreciate your help as we build excitement and momentum for this year’s Congress! If there’s anything else we can do to provide you with support, please don’t hesitate to let us know!