A Breakout Panel Discussion with Jason Evert, Brian Butler, & Dr. Angela Franks 

How can I make TOB more than just a sex talk for young people? What cultural messages are warping my kids' understanding of what it means to be fully human? Is there any hope for Generation Y, raised in the "era of smartphones"? What's the master key to their psyche? In this breakout panel discussion, Brian Butler and Jason Evert will invite Congress attendees into their mission of getting young people interested in the Theology of the Body by directly appealing to their lives, experiences, and desires.  Jason Evert, best-selling author of more than ten books, has spoken to over one million high school and college students on six continents about the virtue of chastity and runs the Chastity Project with his wife, Crystalina—an international alliance of young people who promote purity in more than 40 countries. Brian Butler comes to us with extensive youth ministry experience as the executive director and co-founder of Dumb Ox Ministries, a non-profit organization offering evangelization and formation for teens, young adults, and families through the lens of the Theology of the Body. Dr. Angela Franks will weave in her unique insights as a theologian, philosopher, professor, mother of 6, and expert on abortion, eugenics, the theology of the body, marriage, contraception, and feminism.